Bangkok zwischen 1960 - 1980 · unbekannter Fotograf Courtesy bangkokpicture [94]

Frau N.

Bangkok, ca. 1960

"Instead of a fridge you could buy a block of ice. - This came from the Chineses immigrants in Thailand, it was their idea - And in order that the block of ice does not melt you wraped it with husks of rice." (Frau N.)

Climate in Bangkok

The climate in Bangkok is tropical. Daytime temperatures peak in the 30’s (celsius) year-round. November to February is the dry season, while May to October is the rainy season. During this time, it rains nearly every afternoon and sometimes all day. Average rainfall in September is 320 mm.
[104] Notiz 5, Laden, Frau N., (Lotusblütenkerne)
Typical Thai Apartment in Bangkok

Thailand - Overview of recent history

Prior to WWII, Japan mediated a conflict in which Thailand regained Laos from the French. Following a brief military struggle, Thailand allowed Japan passage over its lands in WWII. Following the war, Thailand was forced to return regained lands to the French and British, but was not occupied, thanks to support from the United States. Thailand became a strategic anti-communist stronghold in southeast Asia during the Cold War. From the 1930’s to the 70’s the traditional monarchy coexisted with military leaders, in a sort of constitutional monarchy. Effectively, there was a series of military putsches and political opposition was often forbidden. A revolution in 1973 marked a turning point in Thailand’s political history, establishing a democratic model of government. However, military leadership took control of the country in the late 70’s, from 1991-92 and in 2006-7. A ‚Peoples’ Constitution’ was written by an elected commission and signed in 1997. Since then, Thailand has seen frequent political upsets and civil unrest, particularly in 2008-9. But the official head of state remains the King. The King of Thailand has been in power since 1946. In the late 90’s, Thailand invested strongly in heavy machinery and manufacturing. The 1997 Asian economic downturn left a large debt burden, but did not cause a full-scale economic collapse in Thailand. Manufacturing remained strong into the 21st century. Tourism is one of the country’s most significant industries.
[101] Bangkok zwischen 1960 - 1980