Grundriss Kindheitsraum 1 · Maja Weyermann [230]

Herr D.

Zur Geschichte von Herrn D.

Herrn D's Mutter stammte aus dem nahegelegenen Taşpinar und der Sitzbereich des Hauses war mit den von ihr selbstgewebten Taşpinarteppichen ausgelegt.

Taşpinar Carpets

Taşpinar is a small village located near the base of the Tauros Mountains, about 25 km south of Aksaray, whose carpets are known and admired around the world. Oriental Carpets of Central Anatolia are typically divided into regional categories. The Taşpinar Carpet is a Village Carpet of the Konya region. Richly colored and elegantly designed, Taşpinar Carpets are considered among the most beautiful Anatolian carpets, exhibiting a Persian influence in their traditional combination of plant and geometric motifs. More recent influences from the Caucasus and beyond have lent more variety to Taşpinar designs. To this day, the carpets are made from hand-spun woll and colored using natural, plant-based dyes. Over the years, a properly maintained Taşpinar will develop a silken quality as the lanolin rises to the surface of the fibers.
[227] Taspinarteppiche/ Beispiele Knoten, v. l.
Grundriss Kindheitsraum 1