Wara-Wara Mountains near Bafodia, Northern Sierra Leone 1967 · gbaku [49]

Herr M.B.


Makeni is the capital of the Northern province, as well as of the Bombali District of Sierra Leone. It lies about 120 km inland from the national capital, Freetown. With approximately 100,000 inhabitants, Makeni is the fifth largest city of Sierra Leone. An ethnically diverse city, the largest ethnic groups are the Temme and Limbas. As in most of the country, the Krio language is the city’s most spoken language. During the long civil war of 1991-2001, the entire district of Bombali, including Makeni, was subject to traumatic displacement and destruction. During the civil war, the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) made its base in Makeni. They brought with them children who were made to fight and serve as maids. Important landmarks, the Market Hall and Mosque of Makeni were both severely damaged in the war. Recovery has been slow and remained partial almost 10 years later. The town suffers a deficit of social services, power and water. The distrcit’s poor transportation infrastructure makes travel to and from outlaying areas long and arduous. The district football team Wusum Stars of Bombali remains a source of great pride for Makeni. Based in the city’s Wusum Stadium, the Wusum Stars are one of the Sierra Leone’s oldest and biggest teams. They play with 13 other teams in the the country’s top league, the Sierra Leone Premier Football League. They won the Sierra Leone FA Cup in 1979. In 2007/8, the Wusum Stars finished 6th in the League. After five games in the 2009/10 season, they were in 5th place.
[55] Sierra Leone 1982
Notiz 1, Laden, Herr M. B.